Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Fun

Well we had sooo much fun over this Labor Day weekend that there were waaay too many pictures to post on the blog.  So guess what mom did- she made a video to share!  Mom was dog sitting for a friend so you will see Delaney in the video too. 

BTW- if you follow Maddy the Puggles blog you know the secret we mentioned in our last post.  We have a new foster cousin- Owen!  He's the best.

He is a beagle and he's so much fun.  You will see him in the video wearing the cone bc he had something called Cherry Eye fixed.  As you will see in the video he fits right in and we think he should stay a part of our family forever! 
Owen w/ his cone.  We love Owen!

Here's our video..we recommend watching it full screen since it shows up so small on this blog.


  1. It looks awesome! We had a great weekend :)
    Maddy and Owen

  2. Awesome video and it does look like yall had a blast!! Owen is adorable and def a keeper :)!

    Haylie and Fred

  3. The video is great and Owen sure is a cutie!


  4. We think he's a keeper too :) Hoping that Maddy's mom and dad decide that as well :)

  5. that looks like such a BLAST!
    I wanna swim in that pool, too ;-)

  6. Looks like you guys did have a great time.

    Love the video. :)

  7. Great weekend and video. The kids had a blast and Owen looks lovely, a real character!

    You can embed the video into your blog and make it whatever size you want:-)