Sunday, August 29, 2010

It was a hot one today!

We went to the dog park today with Uncle Jeff and Cousin Maddy.  It was so hot compared to the past few days.  We wanted to post some pictures of our adventures before going to take nice long naps before heading to grandmom and grandpops for dinner tonight.

We are ready to play!
Danger walking with Uncle Jeff
Its hot!
Danger: "mom stop taking my picture"
Modeling Maddy

Friday, August 27, 2010

Grayce is crazy..and famous

Check out this crazy pic of me...sometimes I get a little crazy over tennis balls.  My mom posted this picture on a website ( and some people loved it.  It ended up showing up a bit all over the internet and on all different websites.  People dont believe its me- but it is!

One of the sites I showed up on:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mom's a bloggin!

She says its about some really important stuff (rescuing dogs!) and she really hopes you will check it out and follow her blog.  Her first post tells a really good story about an awesome weim puppy named Buster.  Get out the tissues and go see her blog at:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dog Park Fun

Lots of fun w/ cousin maddy today...lots of photos to share..

 Maddy's Oops!

Grayce practicing her ninja skills
Dangers funny face

Danger getting lovin'

 Danger playing..

mom thinks Maddy's curly tail is so cute!

BTW our Cousin Maddy the Puggle has her own blog too.  If you arent already her friend you should be! Check her out Here!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dogs, Dogs, everywhere

Danger here!  Mom took me to this crazy rescue event called Loreal Your Dog is Worth it Too.  Thousands of people go and it raises money for Breast cancer and for dog rescues.  Mom goes for Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue every year bc they have a booth.  Grayce had to stay home because shes a bad girl on a leash around other dogs.   I was the only non-weim hanging out at the rescue table but I loved it!  I also got to see lots of other doggies (some crazy ones!!) and even saw some people from the rescue my parents adopted me from.

Cooling off in one of the pools

Some photos from the day...

I was so happy that Mom brought me along

We met some interesting pups...

I met O'Ryan...
O'Ryan was turned into the rescue with his 2 littermates at 6 wks old.  He was VERY sick and diagnosed with a heart condition.  After treatment he now is doing great and was adopted by his foster mommy.  

Everyone loved me and gave me lots of attention.  I was so happy!

Some adoptable pups mommy took pics of:

Check out the mens room!!!
I had lots of fun but I sure was tired...
Check out my pin it says: Don''t Litter- Spay and neuter your pets!"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sleep over party!

So our mom is dog sitting so we have been having big sleepover parties the past couple nights.  She says they are staying until Sunday.  Lilly and Prince are their names and they sure are small!   Lilly is 5 years old and Prince is 10.  They make lots of funny snorty noises. 

This is when we first met

Lilly relaxing on the couch
Prince w/ Lilly in the background
Look how big that crazy cat Nell is!  Shes bigger than the dogs sleeping over.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Homeless friends...

Our mom is always telling us how we are so lucky because there are so many homeless dogs (and cats) out there.  She works with a few rescues trying to find homes for these dogs.  She's actually the Vice President of Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue and their placement coordinator.  She says its lots of fun to be a part of finding a dog their forever home.  Another thing she does is offers to take portraits of adoptable dogs for other rescues so they can have a nice photo of themself to put on petfinder.  She asked if we would mind sharing some of the photos she took of adoptable dogs from the Burlington County Animal Alliance last weekend.  We figured it was ok to share our spotlight.

Abby- 3-4 year old girl  CLICK FOR PETFINDER
Angel- 1-2 yrs old  CLICK FOR PETFINDER

Shane- 7 months  Click for Petfinder

Kailey-2 years old  Click for Petfinder
Denver-click for petfinder

Ruby- 8 months old Click for Petfinder
Lacy- 2 years old  click for petfinder

Sprite Click for Petfinder

Zeus- 1 year old Click for Petfinder
Gretchen- 3 yrs old  Click for petfinder

Isnt it so sad that these doggies don't have a place to call home?  Some are lucky and in foster homes but others have to stay in kennels :(.

Mom said shes going to be taking pictures of more of the Burlington County Animal Alliance dogs in the next couple of weeks.  She also is going to be taking pictures for the local shelters starting in Sept.  Mom said she is thinking abotu starting her own blog just to share her rescue stories.  I think thats a good idea...than she wouldnt have to steal a spot on our blog!