Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm a model if you know what I mean...

Mom said I (Grayce) had to be a model for her tonight.  I wasnt sure what that meant but than she put some really funny (and itchy!) stuff on me and kept waving treats in my face and asking me to sit, stay, and wait.  I tried to be patient. Danger kept trying to get in the way and stealing my treats.  Mom said he isnt a very good model bc he doesnt sit or stay..he just steals treats. 

Mom was practicing with some of her new photo props she got for when she takes pictures of homeless doggies.  She does portraits of doggies that need a new home.  She takes their picture to post on petfinder- and says pretty/handsome pictures hopefully will help them find a home faster. 

Here are some of my modeling shots:
I feel pretty..o so pretty...

Do you like my tutu?
ok mom...are we done yet?
Danger wants to model too
loving on my mommy

So what do you think?  Could I get a modeling contract?



  1. Grayce, you're beautiful! You could easily be a model! I think Danger is pretty darned handsome, too, though!


  2. I think the lime green tutu is Grayce's colour and Danger looks SO handsome with his white bow tie. They could both easily be models. And they are having fun:-) Great photos!

  3. Wow Grayce! You look very pretty with your necklace on :) I bet those tutus were itchy...I don't know if I would like them either. I think you did a great job modeling and Danger looks handsome with his bow tie :) I will tell my Mommy and Daddy to set up another play date asap!

  4. Check out my Blog - u guys just got an award!

  5. Grayce... My mom bought me pearls too... aren't they fun to wear? I think all Weimie girls NEED a string of pearls BOL