Friday, August 6, 2010

SOOOO excited!

We just found out that tomorrow night we are going to get to go play and have a BBQ at our other favorite place- Ironwood!  It's where mom works and there is this HUUUUUUGE fenced in area with a big swimming pool.  Since mom works there we are so lucky and get to go run, play and swim there after hours.  The best part is Danger gets to run too since its all fenced in. 

A lot of times we get to play with other friends there too.  I think our friends Chase, Dublin and Kruk. We've been playing at the pool with them a lot this summer bc they all love to swim too. 

Chase and his mom go off the diving board

Dublin the lifeguard   

Dublin Swims too!
Kruk checking out the pool

Grayce Splashing away

Chase trying to dry off quicker
Danger prefers to dig a nice big hole and sit in it to cool off.  

Maybe Maddy the Puggle can come tomorrow and play too???  We cant wait to see all our friends!!!


  1. Oooo! I'm just drooling with envy! I wish I could go with you!


  2. Wow, that looks like sooo much fun! Looking forward to pics of Danger swimming;-) I don't think Beryl would be keen on swimming, she hasn't been over her knees in the river. But then Frankie wasn't keen to start with and he's a great stick retriever now:-) Have lots of fun, guys!

  3. OMD I can't believe all of the doggies are just swimming away enjoying the big scary pool!! Mommy just said to me, "SEE BRUSCHI, That's how you and Ebby were supposed to act!" Now Mommy is jealous! She really was hoping I'd want to swim.....Better luck next time! Maybe I will have to learn from you!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  4. Great diving photo! My girls would love to hang out. Though they would be digging with Danger if he wouldn't mind sharing his shady spot.

  5. oh i wish I could join you guys in the pool! I am a water boy too!


  6. I love swimming at Ironwood, too!! Can't wait for DogDays :-)