Monday, August 16, 2010

Homeless friends...

Our mom is always telling us how we are so lucky because there are so many homeless dogs (and cats) out there.  She works with a few rescues trying to find homes for these dogs.  She's actually the Vice President of Tri-State Weimaraner Rescue and their placement coordinator.  She says its lots of fun to be a part of finding a dog their forever home.  Another thing she does is offers to take portraits of adoptable dogs for other rescues so they can have a nice photo of themself to put on petfinder.  She asked if we would mind sharing some of the photos she took of adoptable dogs from the Burlington County Animal Alliance last weekend.  We figured it was ok to share our spotlight.

Abby- 3-4 year old girl  CLICK FOR PETFINDER
Angel- 1-2 yrs old  CLICK FOR PETFINDER

Shane- 7 months  Click for Petfinder

Kailey-2 years old  Click for Petfinder
Denver-click for petfinder

Ruby- 8 months old Click for Petfinder
Lacy- 2 years old  click for petfinder

Sprite Click for Petfinder

Zeus- 1 year old Click for Petfinder
Gretchen- 3 yrs old  Click for petfinder

Isnt it so sad that these doggies don't have a place to call home?  Some are lucky and in foster homes but others have to stay in kennels :(.

Mom said shes going to be taking pictures of more of the Burlington County Animal Alliance dogs in the next couple of weeks.  She also is going to be taking pictures for the local shelters starting in Sept.  Mom said she is thinking abotu starting her own blog just to share her rescue stories.  I think thats a good idea...than she wouldnt have to steal a spot on our blog!


  1. Did you know that Saturday is Homeless Animal Day? We were reading about it on another blog recently.

    Next time, could you sneak in just one picture of Danger for me?


  2. Don't you wish you bring them all home? I know I do:-(

  3. Mommy and Daddy wish they could help all homeless animals! I am so happy that you let your Mommy share about these doggies on your blog-it was very gracious of you :) Maybe one day I will get a new brother or sister to join our family!

  4. Kailey is beautiful! Those eyes are breathtaking